Understanding Your Rights: Seeking Damages In South Carolina

If you have been hurt while working you may be entitled to damages under the South Carolina Workers Compensation Act. Benefits available under the Workers Compensation Act include payment of wages while you are unable to work, payment of all medical and travel expenses, and payment due to permanent disability suffered in the accident.

Often, insurance companies do not tell injured workers about certain available benefits. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to ensure prompt payment of all available benefits on admitted claims.  In situations where the insurance company denies coverage, our attorneys have the determination to investigate the claim and request a hearing with the South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission to fight for benefits.

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The time following the injury of you or a member of your family can be an especially trying experience. In addition to worry and stress associated with attending to your injuries, you have the added concern of how to pay for the medical bills and how to recoup the time you have lost from work. If you have been injured at work please call our attorneys today to discuss how to proceed with your claim.

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